Both Sides: Independence and In-Home Care


A typical sentiment about Home Care Services is that it “disregards” the capability of the patient as they are being taken “under the care” of someone else. But this is only a common misconception. Effective in-home care can make a patient’s desire for independence possible.

In-home care and independence can coexist with each other. Your loved one is entitled to exercise independence. It matters and we make sure their opinions are heard and respected while we care for them. On the same side, your loved ones deserve reliable support that ensures their health and safety.

To establish the connection between independence and in-home care, let us consider one aspect that is important on both sides – safety.

Both sides need to work to achieve patient safety at home. Considering the patient’s health or mobility situation, we can assess the safety supervision needed. Home installations can also be suggested to reinforce safety without the need for constant human intervention.

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