Care and Recovery Tips After Stroke

Caring for a stroke patient can be challenging yet rewarding. Stroke survivors may experience medical complications, especially when they are seniors. Therefore, providers of senior care in the Peninsula must provide varied levels of attention.

Below are some care and recovery tips for stroke survivor carers and attendants:

  • Provide encouragement

    Following a stroke, survivors continue the recovery of affected functions upon returning home. If they struggle with their usual tasks, do not accomplish those for them. Instead, you should assist them with the particular task while encouraging them to push themselves as much as possible.

  • Provide motivation

    Stroke involves brain damage, but this could be improved by therapy. Families and companion care providers should motivate the stroke patient that recovery is possible, as long as they take an active role in their daily activities. Your support will help them gain a positive outlook in their recovery stage.

  • Introduce rehabilitation exercises

    Practicing activities that involve affected functions is essential for recovery. Some programs include therapy and nursing care in Palo Alto San Carlos CA tailormade for stroke survivors. Some of them, especially the elderly population, may experience slow recovery. However, there is always an improvement along the way.

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