Complications to Watch Out for After Surgery

complications-to-watch-out-for-after-surgeryIs your loved one recovering from surgery? We encourage you to learn about things you should look out for to ensure their progress and prevent any risks.

It is unfortunate, but complications can happen after the surgery. While there are reasons beyond one’s control, there are aspects within your scope. Managing the risks may improve the avoidance of complications.

As such, let us share the common complications after the surgery so you may pay attention to these details when caring for a beloved at home.

  • Severe drop in blood pressure or shock due to blood loss, infection, and metabolic problems. Stopping blood loss through medication or aiding one’s breathing if needed can help.
  • Wound infection due to bacteria entering the surgical site. Help your loved ones maintain antibiotics and proper wound care to prevent infection.
  • Difficulty urinating after the surgery can result from the anesthetic administered. A doctor can suggest draining the bladder through a catheter or prescribe medication to stimulate the bladder.

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