Dangers of Mold Infestation

Molds are common in homes with leaks and water problems and take a variety of forms. They grow indoors and outdoors, in every damp place, on most surfaces, and on almost all solid matter. And caregivers in San Carlos, California, must be aware of their effects on senior health.

And what is its association with senior assistance in Palo Alto, California?

  • Effects on health

    Molds pose a threat to health. Exposure to molds often leads to skin problems and most allergies. Seniors who have a weak immune system are more susceptible to allergic symptoms. And those under elderly home care who have respiratory conditions may experience more severe reactions.

  • Ruins properties

    Antiques, trophies, and other belongings can turn into rubbish once molds grow up in them. These molds can ruin their appearance and brilliance, which turn them into garbage. They persist and thrive in moist spots where they consume every surface they grow on. Seniors may become upset seeing their valuable properties and belongings with sentimental value being ruined by molds.

  • Harms environment

    Molds, which are generally fungi, produce spores that are not visible to the human eye. They are spread through the air and enter through open windows, doors, and ventilators. They are present indoors, outdoors, and in almost all environments. And this is a threat to proper in-home care in California because seniors need a home conducive to living.

Housekeeping makes the home clean and safe from mold infestation and other hazards. Hire a homemaker in Menlo Park, California, to help eliminate contaminants that could harm seniors. Reach out to HomePlus Caregivers via email at nelliecrtz@yahoo.com.

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