Easing Your Senior Loved One’s Anxiety


As caregivers in San Carlos, California, HomePlus Caregivers had been with different kinds of patients throughout the years. However, one thing’s common among them — anxiety as they grow old. Oftentimes, anxiety creeps but we are here to ease them.

Extreme anxiety affects their mental health and early mitigation is crucial to prevent mental health issues. There are ways to deal with their anxiety and drawing from our experience as providers of senior care in the Peninsula, we know some tips to combat senior anxiety.

Here are some of them:

  • Establishing a routine. A routine is one way your loved ones are given senior assistance. It helps them remember their tasks faster because of the familiarity it has established. So, despite their age and cognitive challenges, they can still function confidently.
  • Providing social support. Your loved ones need support from people who share the same experience. Having someone to relate to will help them ease the burden they’re feeling. They also need consistent support from their families, homemakers, or caregivers for them to feel that they’re not alone.
  • Encouraging meditation and relaxation exercises. These exercises will calm them down and allow them to breathe for a while. It’s important that they can divert their attention from some things that bother them. Our elderly home care program will assist them in meditating and in doing these relaxation exercises.

Doing these things will allow your loved ones to take control of their lives and courageously face what tomorrow might bring. Rest assured that we will be with your loved ones through thick and thin to give them peace of mind.

Allows us to provide your loved one’s assistance, companionship, and comfort. Contact us to get started!

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