Easy Bathroom Tips for Seniors at Home

easy-bathroom-tips-for-seniors-at-homeBathroom use will remain a part of daily life but how effectively one can perform activities depends on their capacity. Our senior loved ones may find themselves in a challenging situation, given their physical limitations. But, it does not mean they can no longer use the bathroom safely and accessibly.

The following tips can improve the bathroom experience of your senior loved ones, especially those who prefer independence.

  • Keeping things tidy and free from clutter can promote the senior’s safety. When the bathroom is clean, one can immediately see the spaces they are touching or standing on.
  • Organizing bathroom essentials within reach will make it easier for seniors to use the bathroom items needed without getting help from others and risking their privacy.
  • Installing grab bars or handles promotes senior mobility as they move around the room without compromising safety.
  • Raising the toilet seat can significantly reduce the effort to sit down or stand up and change positions when using the toilet.
  • Using a shower bath or chair is a good investment for seniors who prefer (and can) bathe themselves. Sitting on a bath chair makes the task convenient and safe to execute.

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