Encouraging Physical Activities Through Home Care

Home care clients are more likely to experience health issues when they remain sedentary. People with a sedentary lifestyle are at risk of developing health issues, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, mental health problems, and more. However, we cannot conclude that they have no motivation to do physical activities. Home care clients encounter obstacles, such as mobility and accessibility issues.

Thankfully, we at HomePlus Caregivers believe that our in-home care in California can encourage clients to do physical activities. Our caregivers are always ready to assist clients, leading them into an active life. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Customized programs

    Caregivers in California can collaborate with healthcare professionals to structure an exercise program based on the client’s needs and capabilities. We do not want our clients to exert into doing activities beyond their level of capability. They can sustain injuries when that happens.

  • Nutritional support

    Nutrition is an essential aspect of maintaining an active lifestyle. Healthy meals provide essential nutrients that supply energy and aid in other essential body processes. Clients with limited mobility functions can receive meal assistance to receive healthy and balanced meals.

  • Transportation support

    Sometimes, clients engage in physical activities in a gym or facility. However, transportation can be an issue for them, especially those with limited mobility. As a home care agency in San Carlos, California, we help clients maintain an active lifestyle in a facility with our transportation services.

We are a home care agency dedicated to improving the lives of our clients. Whether they need help with doing physical activities or personal care, we are always ready to help. If your loved one needs assistance from us, contact us.

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