How To Find The Right In Home Caregiver For Mom

caregiver taking notes for the elder woman

It can be difficult admitting to yourself that a parent needs help. However, many older Americans suffer from a series of issues that require a caregiver or assistance. According to the Home Instead Senior Care survey, of those patients cared for by home care professionals 22% dealt with the after-effects of a stroke, 43% suffered from dementia, and 61% had some type of mobility issue.

Often times, a spouse or adult child is unable to care for their aging loved one alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Home health care professionals make it so you can stay independent and your loved one can stay out of the hospital. But how do you find the right health care professional in a sea of in home caregivers?

Determine the type of care you need
The qualities of your home care assistance depend on the kind of care that professional needs to provide. For instance, some in home caregivers spend hours with their patients. Others may only be present for a couple of minutes to provide their medical services.

In the latter situation, the personality of the professional may be less important and more of a secondary consideration. In the former situation, their quality of character may be more important. After all, they’ll be spending much of their time with your parent and you want to be sure that your loved one is comfortable around them in every aspect of their care.

Is the caregiver certified or licensed?
Certified caregivers are necessary if your parent requires medical care and not just physical assistance. Certain senior living places automatically require their caregivers to be licensed, but these licenses can differ depending on the state. Ask the specific licenses of the job applicants to be sure that they meet the qualifications of the necessary medical care your loved one requires.

Does your parent or loved one approve?
It’s important that your parent or loved one gets a voice in the decision of the person you’re hiring. After all, the caregiver will be spending the most time with them and you won’t be there for many of their interactions. In addition, depending on the type of caregiver you’re looking for, many in home caregivers will be giving your loved one baths, helping them dress, and preparing their meals. Once the job applicants leave, ask your loved one their opinion on the prospects and let them have the final say. Not only will this make your loved one more comfortable, but it will also let them feel more independent.
Finding an in home caregiver for your aging loved one can be a difficult process. But by asking the right questions you can be sure to make the process easier for everyone involved. You’ll feel comforted knowing that you’ve made the right choice when you find someone you and your loved one like together.

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