How to Help Seniors Move into a New Home


Adults are usually eager to take advantage of new opportunities, but they often worry about the changes that come with getting used to a new environment or situation.

As a reliable provider of in-home care in California, we’ve put together some tips to help caregivers get older people ready for a smooth move to a new home.

  • Maintain a collaborative planning environment.
    It is beneficial to give people who are capable of making wise judgments the feeling that they have an active role in planning their move.
  • Support the older person as they move.
    If they are going into a nursing home, talk to the staff about reducing the possibility that they will suffer from Relocation Stress Syndrome.
  • Protect the senior’s personal belongings.
    Family members and caregivers should be careful when packing and provide support at all times.
  • Get them involved in setting up their new home.
    Another technique to assist elders in settling into their new home is to make the new location as similar to the old as you can. Another way to help older people get used to their new home is to make it as similar to their old one as possible.

Whatever the reasons for the relocation, it’s important to keep your attention on the elements that make the transition easier and lower the likelihood of transfer shock.

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