Is Your Home a Safe Place for Seniors?


We understand that as family members, you want to create a nice and safe abode for your loved ones. Thus, as your home care agency in San Carlos, California, HomePlus Caregivers would like to help you out through the following homemaking tips:

  • Declutter and fix loose wirings. As a homemaker, we believe that a tidy home is an ideal place to live in. Do this by organizing your things, placing the furniture in appropriate areas, and designating cabinets for your home supplies. Make sure that the wirings are in place to avoid electricity-related and tripping problems.
  • Install appropriate light-emitting devices. Do this in areas your loved ones frequently go to so that they can navigate the path easily, especially at night. Prioritize dark hallways, stairs, and bedside tables.
  • Set up assistive devices. For added safety and senior assistance, install assistive devices at home such as handrails and grab bars. Doing so minimizes the risk of falling on the stairs and slipping in the bathroom.
  • Invest in monitoring systems. If you’re frequently away, installing monitoring systems like CCTV cameras will give you peace of mind. However, it’s not enough that you know what your senior loved ones are doing. If you see them struggling to get up in the chair, for instance, it’ll be difficult for you to just look. Hence, companion care is necessary and we can provide this service to them.

These tips will help you big time in keeping your loved ones safe. However, if you still don’t know what to do or you’re always away to get started with these home modifications, then our providers of in-home care in California are the right people for the job. Contact us!

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