Methods and Techniques of Surgery

Science and technology evolved as time passed by. We are now enjoying many technological advancements thanks to the dedication and creativity of inventors, developers, and manufacturers.

And part of these advancements is medical procedures and equipment, which helped many people heal and recover from various health conditions and injuries. We also acknowledge the contribution of companion care in promoting ways to recover faster.

Surgery of people under senior care in the Peninsula is done for multiple reasons, they can be elective or required. And some of the reasons for the operation are:

  • Removal of dead organs and tissues
  • Removal of obstruction or foreign bodies
  • Reposition of body parts
  • Transplant
  • Improvement of physical appearance

Surgeries today mostly do not need large incisions. There are various ways to do it.

Minimally invasive is a surgical technique that does not require large cuts to allow faster recovery.

Invasive or open surgery is the traditional opening of the skin to view the part or organ involved.

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