Obesity: A Health Problem in Seniors

Obesity can be considered a national epidemic in the US. And more seniors suffer from its harmful effects as they grow older, needing senior care in the Peninsula in the long run due to complications.

What are the common reasons for obesity in the United States?

  • High sugar and sodium intake

    Many food products we purchase nowadays are high in sugar and sodium content. And these are factors in being overweight or obese. We must minimize consuming these food types to prevent unwanted weight problems.

  • The lack of physical activities

    Poor lifestyle choices and being idle can contribute to their obesity. Let them go out, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors. Light exercises can be beneficial to their wellness and help maintain their weight and Body Mass Index. If you are not confident in letting them out alone, seek companion care providers to accompany them.

Poor diet and lifestyle and obesity continuously ruin the health and lives of many Americans – affecting one in every three adults. And if this continues, more seniors can become more prone to diseases and complications such as diabetes, blindness, and heart problems. And the booming population of seniors under nursing care in Palo Alto San Carlos CA will continue to rise.

So we at HomePlus Caregivers promote a better understanding of things that affect the well-being of older people. Our home care agency in San Carlos, California, is willing to work with families to keep their loved ones in good shape. Connect with us today!

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