Post-Surgery Care Tips: How to Recover Faster?


Operations can take a toll on an individual physically and mentally. Hence, if you’ve just survived an operation regardless if it’s life-threatening or not, a long rest and appropriate post surgery care is vital.

HomePlus Caregivers, your home care agency in San Carlos, California, understands that it’ll be a challenge to both the patients and their respective caregivers. Hence, allow us to share some tips on how your loved ones can recover fully after an operation.

Here are some post-surgery nursing care tips for your elderly folks:

  • Listen to your body. When you feel dizzy and nauseous, it’s an indicator that you need to take it slow. It could be a side effect of the medications you’re taking so don’t forget to list down your observations. Abruptly getting up after lying for a long time can also be the cause.
  • Drink your medications on schedule. If you lost track of your medication schedules, it could complicate your situation. Hence, always drink your medications on time. However, if your senior loved ones are having trouble remembering their medication schedules, our providers of in-home care in California are here to remind them.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. After the operation, it’s just right to eat a well-balanced diet and do light exercises such as stretching and walking. However, don’t overdo it because your wounds are still fresh.
  • Hire a companion. A companion care provider will help you with your personal care needs. It’s important that your loved ones have someone who can accompany them to avoid accidents that can lead to rehospitalization and our caregivers are the best people for the job.

Entrust your loved ones’ welfare to us. Please give us a call for assistance!

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