Receiving In-Home Care to Recover From Surgery


Having a loved one undergo surgery is frightening at any age, but it especially poses unique risks to seniors and their families. The difficulties of recuperating from surgery only increase with age.

It takes the aging body more time to heal and may demand more help physically; thus, a senior often needs extra time and care throughout recovery through elderly home care.

However, how does in-home post surgery care help your aging loved one heal and recuperate after surgery?

There are numerous ways how our caregivers in San Carlos, California, can provide many benefits to seniors, including:

  • Assistance with their nutritional needs

    A healthy diet before and after surgery is essential such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more, to aid in their recovery. Home care services can help in managing their nutritional needs at home.

  • Managing pain and medications

    It may be inevitable for your loved ones to feel pain after surgery and take some medications for it. Most seniors won’t be able to handle these things independently, but our in-home care in California is always available to assist.

  • Help with household and other home tasks

    Your senior’s mobility may be limited after undergoing surgery, and old age may also become another issue while recovering. While they focus on healing, our in-home care in California can assist with their tasks at home whenever needed.

HomePlus Caregivers is a home care agency in San Carlos, California, that can provide patients undergoing treatment after surgery and work with their doctor to create a personalized remedy plan.

With our help, you or a loved one can always heal at home through our post-surgical care services today! Get in touch with us today if you’re interested.

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