Light Nursing Duties

Including help with bathing and bathroom, ambulatory help, changing bed linens, assistance with meals, bed checks, reminders and, most importantly, a person to monitor that all requirements are met for both comfort and safety.

Post-Surgery Care

People rebound quickly in the comfort of their own home. Our services and program include medication management, nutrition management, record keeping, discharge coordination and execution plus follow-up physician visit assistance.

Meal preparation

Our caregivers can prepare meals as required for a patient’s restricted diet. Utmost care is given to monitor and adhere to any dietary restrictions. We can also prepare meals in home or for delivery.

Home Care San Mateo

Especially during a convalescent or recovery period, one of the hardest things is to be without companionship. Our companionship caregiver can provide critical help – someone reliable who can check on them and provide natural interaction and companionship when needed.

Light house keeping duties

A house needs to be clean, tidy, and kept in a safe sanitary condition. Our staff can help make a house a home for those patients who cannot easily manage these tasks of daily living. A clean home adds to a patients comfort and well being.

Interactive updates

Our caregivers will assist with setting and keeping medical appointments, facilitating social activities, encouraging attendance at family gatherings and any other reminders that would allow the patient to follow and maintain their daily routines and activities.


We provide transportation in conjunction with our companionship services. Doctor’s appointment, hospital/ laboratory for tests, visits with friends or family, or simply want to get some shopping done. Home Plus Caregivers can get you where you want to go.

Contact with family

When you can’t be there we will. We will work with your concerns and provide you with a timely and continuous update on the patients condition at any time upon request.
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