Signs It’s Time To Consider In-Home Care

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As we age, we may be aware that we have additional mental and physical limitations. However, we might not always realize how pronounced those limitations have become. At a certain point, you may need to consider care options for someone you love. Most of us would like to remain in our homes if at all possible, which is why enlisting help from certified caregivers can be a great solution. At present, nearly 43.5 million caregivers (both familial and professional) provide care for seniors aged 50 and above. That said, it may not be easy to tell whether your loved one needs this type of assistance. Here are some signs that they might benefit from home care.

They have recently fallen or may easily become injured
Falls are all too common among seniors, but they should still be taken seriously. Usually, a fall is an indication that an individual is struggling to get around. Whether that’s because they have physical limitations or are taking medications that result in balance issues, supervision and movement help can make a huge difference. However, you likely can’t observe your loved one 24 hours a day. In home caregivers can ensure your loved one is safe when you aren’t there and that their home is modified in a way that reduces potential hazards.

They cannot maintain medical or personal care
Seniors with reduced mobility, memory issues, or problems with their vision will often find it difficult to keep up with their personal care routine. If your loved one’s personal appearance (i.e., the way they wear their hair, how they dress, or how they apply their makeup) has changed drastically, that could be a sign they could benefit from home care. This might also be the case if your loved one cannot keep up with their medications or appointments. When you hire a company to care for patients at their home, you’ll have peace of mind that they’ll be tended to in terms of both health and hygiene.

They can no longer drive (or do so safely)
Memory conditions, vision loss, hearing problems, and reduced reaction times can, unfortunately, make it unsafe for many seniors to drive. But the loss of a driver’s license often comes with a loss of independence and even social interaction. Certified caregivers will often provide transportation for their patients to the supermarket, to the drug store, to doctors’ appointments, and more. But they’ll also provide valuable companionship along the way. That way, if you cannot personally drive your loved one around all the time, they can still get what they need and won’t be stuck alone in their home or subject to a specific schedule.
Growing older is never easy, and admitting that a loved one might need extra help can be an emotional realization. But certified caregivers can provide valuable peace of mind for you while helping your loved one in a multitude of ways. For more information on our services, please contact us today.

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