I have known Nellie Cortez, owner of Home Plus Caregivers for at least
twelve years. During that time she has cared for my mother (When I first met her), my aunt, as well as my brother. Her care, attention, and love for her patients have always been first rate. My mother (Who passed at 98 years old, never saw a hospital bed until the night she expired) would agree with my assessment completely as would my aunt who recently passed at 103 years of age. When my brother flew up from Mexico he was in very poor shape, and went directly to the hospital. He was inand out of Intensive care for over six months. Nellie was there several times a day for the entire time because she cared. That is the sort of person Nellie is, The “Care”
in Home Plus Caregivers is what she is all about. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Nellie Cortez.

Very Sincerely
Bruce Robertson
(Son of Dolores, nephew of Dorothy, Brother of Kent)
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