Personal and compassionate caregiving is synonymous with Nellie Cortez, the owner and manager of Home-plus Caregivers. Nellie and the caregivers of her Home-plus Agency made the last phase of my mother’s life, from age 94 to 97, as good as one can hope for it to get.

My mother had 24/7 one-on-one caregiving and Nellie painstakingly trained her caregivers in how to administer to my mother’s special needs. If a caregiver had to be changed Nellie personally stood in until an appropriate replacement was found. Nellie’s nursing background also made mother feel safe and helped us avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor. Nellie’s friendly ways and personal commitment to Mom made it possible for me at times to leave town as Mom felt comforted by Nellie being there for her besides her regular caregivers. This made it possible for me to get occasional respite, knowing that I was leaving Mom in good hands.

The year before I found Nellie’s Home-Plus Caregivers Agency, I had hired the services of a much larger local Home Care Agency. This Agency had excellent professional credentials, and was run by highly competent administrators. Nevertheless, due to the large size of the Agency it became impossible to work collaboratively with their staff around the specific needs of my mother’s care. One lesson I learned from these experiences is that the size of the Agency limits its quality. Smallness, not largeness, is associated with goodness in this type of services.

Dr. Anna Hall
Menlo Park, California
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