The Common Causes of Losing Appetite

the-common-causes-of-losing-appetiteBreakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually when the family is most lively. After all, everyone sits around the table and shares delectable plates cooked with flavors and love. 

Losing an appetite can happen from time to time, but when it happens more frequently (especially to vulnerable loved ones), it may be worth it to investigate the cause.

Instead of forcing a senior loved one to finish their plate, realizing the causes of their appetite loss can solve the problem right at the roots.

Pain, dehydration, tooth pain, or injury are several physical causes that affect one’s appetite. Emotional or psychological reasons for loss of appetite may include anxiety, depression, stress, or eating disorder. Underlying health conditions and certain medications may also affect a person’s appetite.

Understandably, some of these causes are beyond an individual’s control, but people can take steps to manage the condition or explore other ways to achieve nutrition.

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