The Dangers and Risks of Pneumonia Among Seniors


Pneumonia causes breathing issues, coughing, fever, and chills in the patient. Although pneumonia can affect people of all ages, seniors are the most vulnerable to this disease due to age-related changes or weakening immune systems. That is why as much as possible, it is better to avail of services such as nursing care services to make sure that your loved ones’ health is always in the best condition.

If a body had a hard time fighting off pneumonia, there is a high chance that seniors may experience fatal complications, including:

  • Pleurisy (inflammation of the membrane surrounding the lungs
  • Organ damage due to lack of oxygen circulating throughout the body
  • Bacteremia (an infection that starts in the lungs and spreads to other organs)
  • Lung abscesses and urinary tract infections (the bacteria from the lungs may travel down to the kidneys, bladder, or urethra)

Before your loved one’s condition worsens, you can lessen their risks for pneumonia by encouraging them to eat a balanced diet and exercise daily. Get a flu shot every year and get the pneumococcal vaccine. Let them avoid behaviors that could weaken their immune system. Limit their travels and group activities that may expose them to various bacteria. Practice good hygiene if they are having a hard time doing their tasks alone, and hire some caregivers in San Carlos, California, to assist them with their daily activities.

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