Tips to Effectively Reduce the Risk of Injury at Home

tips-to-effectively-reduce-the-risk-of-injury-at-homeAging is not just the emergence of gray strands and wrinkles. It is often associated with health conditions that can significantly impede mobility, which increases the risk of injury. And yes, unfortunate situations can also happen at home, which is why ensuring safety is an absolute must!

According to a provider of elderly care services in California, here are some ways to reduce the risk of injury at home:

  • Provide Adequate Lighting.
    Ensuring that hallways, stairs, and paths are well-lit allows your senior folks to see if there are any obstacles that can cause slips. This also enables them to see what they are walking on clearly, which can help minimize safety hazards.
  • Install Support Handrails.
    Support handrails can help provide your senior loved ones with extra support and stability as they get up, preventing stumbles and falls that can lead to graver consequences.
  • Ensure That Your Home Is Free of Clutter.
    Clutter can be hazardous, especially if you have a senior around. They can potentially cause slips and trips when stepped on. Thus, it is essential to keep your home, especially pathways, clutter-free.
  • Provide Them with Assistance.
    Providing your senior loved ones with assistance ensures balance and stability as they walk, move around, and get up, making it the most reliable way to reduce the risk of injury at home.

If your senior folk need assistance with mobility or license care at home to minimize safety hazards and improve their overall quality of life, please don’t hesitate to contact HomePlus Caregivers.

We can provide them with reliable care providers and quality in home care in San Carlos, California!

On top of that, we offer other home care services, like companion care, post-surgery care, light housekeeping services, and more!

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