Tips to Ensure Your Loved Ones’ Safety at Home


As time goes by, you can observe how you have grown, have become an adult, and gotten mature. However, you may fail to notice that your parents are also growing older through the years.

Your elderly parents’ strength, once allowing them to do endless tasks and activities, has now declined. And their energy has decreased. Several options may pop up. It may be that they’ll stay in an assisted facility, or they may decide to age at home with Home Care Services.

When they choose the latter, we at HomePlus Caregivers, a provider of In Home Care in San Carlos, California, can share some tips you can follow to ensure their safety.

  • Keep walkways clutter-free.
    Clutter may not be much for you. But for your aging parents, who may now be starting to get slow on their feet, clutter can pose a trip or falling risk. For this reason, decluttering and making a wide and open space to walk through can help prevent falls.
  • Remove bathroom hazards.
    The bathroom can be hazardous for the elderly. Your aging parents may slip due to the wet floor, or they may have trouble sitting down and getting back up from the toilet. Adding non-slip mats and installing grab bars can make the bathroom safe.
  • Provide skilled care.
    Your elderly parents may require skilled care than what you’re capable of providing. When this is the case, enlisting License Care at Home can be most beneficial for your loved ones. Not only that but, you’ll also be relieved knowing your parents are getting care from professionals.

When you need (or want) to know more about our Elderly Care Services in California, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

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