Tips to Make Stairs Safer for Seniors

tips-to-make-stairs-safer-for-seniorsDoes your home have a stairwell? It is a pretty common source of safety issues when it comes to senior well-being at home. While stairs may pose risk to a senior and other vulnerable family members, there are solutions you can deploy to mitigate the risk or remove the danger throughout.

  • Add traction to increase friction.

    Wooden or tiled steps do not have much grip, and as such, slips can happen. Slipping is a very common cause of falls, as it can be undetected. Consider carpeting, abrasive stair treads, or anti-slip tape strips to prevent slipping.

  • Illuminate the stairway to aid in navigation.

    Seniors with vision problems may find moving around difficult, and navigating a poorly-lit stairway can easily turn dangerous. Get good light and accessible switches for easy use.

  • Ensure the structural integrity of the stairs.

    The handrails should be reliable and useful. The family may consider improving the handrails for better grasp and secure the strength for reliability. Old stairs should be repaired to prevent any risk to the senior’s safety.

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