Understanding Yoga and Its Benefits for Seniors


Yoga is often compared to other popular ways to work out, such as lifting weights, doing Pilates, or stretching.

Any mention of “yoga” in general refers to the Hatha style. For people new to yoga, Hatha is recommended as a mild form emphasizing static poses. Typically, it has three parts.

Most hatha yoga lessons begin with pranayama or breathing techniques. The instructor will keep reminding you to pay attention to your breathing as you move through the poses and may even give you some breathing exercises to try.

Yoga positions, also called postures or asanas, are a group of exercises that help you get more robust, more flexible, and more balanced.

Most classes conclude with a brief period of meditation. The teacher could lead the group in a guided meditation during this quiet introspection.

Yoga has gained popularity among seniors since it has a number of advantages and is low-risk.

Caregivers can incorporate simple poses into their daily routines and teach different yoga techniques while providing companion care.

Go ahead and discover why different yoga practices are an excellent way of providing senior care in the Peninsula. Yoga preserves physical health and enhances overall wellness, with the agreement of a medical authority and/or therapist.

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