Common Hazards at Home

common-hazards-at-homeEvery home should be comfortable and safe for its inhabitants. This can be pertinent to ensuring a good quality of life.

However, as we provide elderly care services in California, we know that your home can be dangerous once you go through certain debilitating health conditions. To raise awareness, let’s discuss some common hazards at home.

  • Stairs, Porches, and Balconies
    Some of the most common hazards at home are raised platforms and areas. This includes staircases, the porch and deck outdoors, and even balconies. As seniors age, they might not be in their physical prime anymore. Many of them go for home care services to ensure their needs are met. They will have trouble navigating these areas, increasing the risk of falls.
  • Bathrooms and Other Slippery Areas
    Providing in-home care in the Peninsula has also taught us that slippery areas at home will be dangerous for those with diminished physical health. Bathrooms, kitchens, and patios often have liquids splashed on the floor a lot. If you are not careful, you may slip and sustain injuries.
  • Rooms with Tools and Equipment
    Of course, rooms that house pieces of equipment and tools will be dangerous to your love, especially to those with diminished cognitive abilities. Areas such as the kitchen, garage, and basement have these harmful tools that may cause harm to your loved ones. With that, keep them out of these rooms always.

If you need help caring for your loved ones, contact us here at HomePlus Caregivers. Our in home care in San Carlos, California, is here to help your loved ones live a better life at home. Call us today!

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