Helping Yourself While Caring for Dementia Patients

Helping Yourself While Caring for Dementia Patients

The common symptoms that Alzheimer’s and dementia patients manifest in the later stages of these diseases are forgetfulness of familiar faces, places, and events and persistent confusion. These situations can be very difficult and challenging for caregivers and family members.

A senior with Alzheimer’s may not even recognize family members and forget relationships. They may also become confused about their location or the passage of time. This is why our home care services may be essential in order to help seniors manage their condition.

It may be hard to look at your loved one forgetting the purpose of common items, such as a pen or fork. But you have to power through these situations in order to help your senior loved one. If things get too difficult, home care for the elderly, such as elderly care services in California, is always available.

But as a family caregiver, you may follow these helpful tips:

  • Stay calm and use photographs to remind the person of important relationships and places.
  • Respond with a brief explanation and avoid explanations that sound like scolding.
  • Travel with the person to where he or she is in time by engaging in conversation.
  • Try not to take it personally.
  • Ask for help when you need it.

Dementia can affect the whole family. But always remember that help is available. Don’t resist help if it’s available. Call HomePlus Caregivers today and know more about our in home care in San Carlos, California.

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